Posted on 18 December, 2019

Join the Farm of Ideas to get hands-on experience with the farm-to-table and market gardening movement. You will be working in the fields with many different vegetable varieties and you will be in close dialogue with our farm chefs who provide the link between our restaurants and the farm.

  • Please answer the following questions to let us know a bit about you, in order to find you the best fit for an internship.
  • How many years of experience do you have with gastronomy and/or agriculture?
  • The spoken and written language in the Relæ Community is English. How is your English proficiency?
  • Please let us know your most recent completed education and year.
  • What are you good at?
  • What do you want to improve on?
  • Let us know why we should take you in for an internship! Write a few lines on why you wish to join our team and anything else you'd wish to add to your application. You will also be asked to upload your CV/resume later.
  • If not, we will guide you in applying for a visa (if your current citizenship makes you eligible for a Danish visa).
  • Please let us know your age.
  • We will provide the necessary farm gear so it's good to know this beforehand.
  • Please upload an image of yourself.
  • Please upload your CV/resume here.
  • 0,00 kr.


Do you want to get hands-on experience with the farm-to-table and market gardening movement? Do you have green thumbs and love to work outdoors? Then join us at Farm of Ideas. You will gain useful insights and learn from a successful organic market-garden and vegetable production, providing for Christian F. Puglisi’s restaurant community, Relæ Community: Relæ, Manfreds, BÆST and Mirabelle Restaurant.

Internship specifics

  • The internship is not paid.
  • The internship duration is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90. If you wish to stay longer, you can let us know when you send your application (there will be a field for you to add a note to your application).
  • We will provide shared farm housing, basic food, the necessary farm gear.
  • We will also provide great experiences and good people to hang out with!
  • Most of the workday takes place in the vegetable field and usually involves preparing beds, covering beds, sowing, weeding, transplanting, harvesting and tool maintenance. This isn’t set in stone and from time to time you may be asked to help with slightly different tasks, like gathering eggs or feeding animals.