The Financial Times’ ‘How To Spend It’ takes a deep dive into Christian F. Puglisi’s upcoming culinary event at Rocca della Tre Contrade in Sicily.

This November, Christian F. Puglisi and Relæ partner Alessandro Perricone will head to the foothills of Sicily to host a week-long workshop and culinary adventure at Rocca delle Tre Contrade.

How To Spend It, a website and cultural guide by The Financial Times, provided a summary of what to expect as a guest and workshop attendee.

Accompanied by his sommelier and business partner Alessandro Perricone, Puglisi will transform the villa – originally built in 1850 – into a fully immersive workshop space covering everything from butchery and breadmaking to foraging and lemon picking.

Rosanna Dodds, How To Spend It

This workshop is particularly pertinent to Puglisi, as the trip marks the return to his culinary heritage and the opportunity to cook professionally in Sicily for the first time in his career.

You can find out more via The Thinking Traveller – organisers and collaborators of this ‘Return to Sicily’ event.