Your weekly breakdown of what’s in your Fredagsgrønt, plus suggestions and ideas for what to do with it.

Brought to you by Farm of Ideas, Fredagsgrønt is a weekly vegetable subscription service that provides you with fresh, local and seasonal produce throughout the summer – the same produce used by RelæManfredsBÆST and Mirabelle Restaurant & Bakery

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This week’s box includes:

It might be a cliché, but as a Farm of Ideas intern, you become part of a family. The fields are your garden and the vegetables growing in them are your children. They need constant care and attention to ensure they grow up strong and healthy but, just like most families, some children need more attention than others. Within the hierarchy of our own farm family, there is no doubt about it – tomatoes are the neediest children of all! 

They don’t like it too cold. They don’t like it too hot. They need to be constantly pruned. They are susceptible to diseases like blight. They need protection from pests. They are delicate. You cannot leave them unattended too long.

These Goldilocks-level demands plus the unpredictability of the Danish summer has resulted in one particular labour-intensive task: the greenhouse sides must be open and closed manually, sometimes multiple times a day, to ensure a constant temperature. 

Biking the 7km back and forth from the farmhouse to the farm anytime the weather changes has quickly become the bane of each intern’s existence. The sides are heavy – even heavier if rainwater has caught in the creases – and there are many, many sides to lift up or heave down. 

After opening so many sides you are exhausted, covered in sweat and damp from humidity. It’s enough to break anyone’s spirit, and you can feel totally dejected. And yet… As you wander wearily back towards your bike, plodding through the centre of the greenhouse and a colourful jungle speckled with flecks of red, green and yellow, you see the tomatoes shining, strung from vines like Christmas lights. You breathe in the grassy green of the leaves, sneak a couple of ripe Cherry Bomb Tomatoes and let them burst in your mouth. The flavour is as sweet as pick-n-mix, the freshness is incomparable to any store-bought fruit. In one bite, just like that, the hard work melts away and all that remains is pride.

So, despite all of the sweat, extra hours and energy, the Farm of Ideas crew have fallen head over heels for tomatoes. We’re so excited to share a mix of varieties with you this week: Be gentle with them, eat them raw and savour the diversity of sweetness that each variety brings. For us there is no doubt that, much like strawberries, the flavour of a well-grown organic tomato holds the true essence of summer. 

We have a favourite meal currently at the Farm House, that takes a classic Insalata Caprese and beefs it up with the stale ends of our Mirabelle sourdough loaf. It’s best eaten outdoors with a glass of natural wine. We recommend the Avis de tempête ‘No 1’, which you can pick up from Manfreds or Mirabelle.

Farm of Ideas’ 0-Waste Insalata Caprese 



  1. Cut or tear bread into squares – about the size of a Cherry Bomb tomato
  2. Tear the mozzarella into strips
  3. Slice the tomatoes. Do not dispose of any tomato seeds or juice! It’s all delicious 
  4. Place the tomatoes, bread, basil and mozzarella in a bowl.
  5. Drizzle with olive oil and a splash of balsamic, season with salt and toss.
  6. Set aside for about 20 minutes to one hour, to let the bread soak up all the tomato goodness.
  7. Enjoy!

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