Italian food media, Gambero Rosso, interviewed Carol Choi and Francesco Scarrone as they launch their new microfarm with gastronomic experiences in Piemonte, Italy.

Posted on 8 juli, 2019

After working for the Relæ Community, Carol Choi and Francesco Scarrone started their own relationship, not just with each other, but with the synergy between agriculture and gastronomy. 

Now, 7 years after their initial meeting in Manfreds, they have opened Rantan in the beautiful hills of Val Chiusella in Piemonte, Italy. 

Their agricultural dining experience aims to “respect the needs and limits of the land”, working with ingredients from their microfarm or critically sourcing from neighbours who share their values. Values that have been, in part, inspired by the Relæ Community.

I went to Manfreds, where I learned what it really means to have a synergistic relationship with the producers. Puglisi has always had a marked sensitivity for certain things, so much so that his restaurant was one of the first Michelin-starred to have the organic certification.

Francesco Scarrone

Read their interview (in Italian) with Gambero Rosso by clicking the link below.