The Relæ Community is a collective of four restaurants, a bakery, a wine import, a cocktail bar and a farm that work in close synergy

The Relæ Community consists of: Relæ, Manfreds, BÆST, Mirabelle Restaurant & Bakery, Rudo, Vinikultur and Farm of Ideas; multiple vendors, over a hundred members of staff and thousands of guests who all believe in doing things a bit differently.

The Relæ Community is diverse and creative. It’s how we share fresh local produce, talented people, craftsmanship and strong values – and it’s how we share it with you.

A family in synergy

The Relæ Community is a living organism that draws on the unique skill set that each individual brings to the collective. We are a family, a family with our own traditions, but we do not dwell in the antiquated if they are not efficient.  

We share common values, support each other and work together towards intelligent and sustainable solutions. 

At the core of the community you’ll find Relæ, which has taken an organic, ethical and uncompromising approach to everything it does since opening in 2010. It is the focused, simple and refined heart of the community.

Next to it you’ll find Relæ’s little brother: the laid back and rustic Manfreds. Here you will find the same meticulously picked raw materials on your plate and a wine card reflecting the Relæ Community’s commitment to organic and natural wine.

Next is the wild and powerful BÆST: home to our micro-dairy and salumeria which provides fresh raw-milk burrata and organic charcuterie. 

Last but not least is Mirabelle Restaurant & Bakery, an unpretentious eatery with in-house bakery. The restaurant focuses on sustainable fish, while the bakery produces sourdough for the rest of the collective – and Copenhagen.

Connecting the community

Vinikultur supplies each restaurant with organic or biodynamic certified wines. They work alongside fifty-five renowned producers from France, Italy, Spain and Japan. These are wines that are made by farmers who work in their vineyards every day, finding a balance between nature, terroir, tradition and with minimal intervention, resulting in wines that are honest and pure.

Farm of Ideas supplies all of the restaurants and bakery with the freshest organic produce, raw milk and meat. Each member only takes what they need, sharing the surplus with the rest of the community. Innovative recipes and methods mean off-cuts are used which reduces waste, and initiatives like Fredagagrønt filter extra produce back into public consumption.

Support for the Red Cross

The Red Cross is a neutral organisation ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. It takes action in response to emergencies and at the same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law.

The Relæ Community supports the Red Cross and its current work delivering aid to South Sudan. Click the image below to read more (in Danish).